A proven record of more then 40 years of experience has made CEJN acknowledged experts in quick connect technology.
CEJN has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers, working at the forefront of quick connect coupling technology. For virtually any application in pneumatics, hydraulics, water, gases, chemicals or other fluid media. An international sales organisation with subsidiaries on several continents guarantees local service and a quick response to customer needs.


Today our standard product range includes quick connect couplings for virtually any application in pneumatics, hydraulics, water, gases, chemicals or other fluid media. In addition we offer a comprehensive range of accessory products such as adapters and fittings, hoses, F.R.L. units and blowguns. Besides a wide range of standard products CEJN has also solved many different application problems with special and custom-made products.
WEO Plug-in

WEO Plug-In is an entirely new type of coupling that will transform and simplify hydraulic systems that include hydraulic hoses and pipes.
The couplings are self-locking, so there is no need for tools or spanners to connect or disconnect them. All that is needed is a simple screwdriver. This makes it easier to build more compact and reliable systems and designs.
The WEO Plug-In coupling also swivels freely, which eliminates the stresses that can arise during connection, and therefore extends the life of the hose. Quick and easy connection and disconnection also reduce oil spills, which is better for the environment.

CEJN has entered into a major license agreement with hose manufacturing giant, Parker Hannifin Corporation. In terms of the agreement, CEJN has given Parker’s Hose Products Division Europe the right to manufacture and distribute the male half of CEJN WEO Plug-In hose fittings with Parker end connections.
The agreement also authorizes Parker to distribute the female half of WEO fittings. Parker will sell the WEO products under the brand name, Parker-WEO. The new agreement is an extension of a WEO agreement that CEJN established with ITR S.p.A. of Veniano, Italy, which Parker purchased in 2002. Extending the agreement to include the Parker European organization will lead to additional growth and industry acceptance of WEO products, said Arne Cederqvist, president of CEJN.