Mahle Filters

Mahle Filtration for South Wales

Mahle Filters for South Wales

With its Filtration, Water Technologies, Engine Components, and Thermal Systems divisions, MAHLE Industry offers a broad and highly innovative range of products and services. It contributes to making vehicles, machines, and processes more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and economical, as well as safer.


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MAHLE Industriefiltration GmbH has established its core competence in the cleaning and purification of fluids and air. From filter elements to complex complete systems—our range covers almost all industrial applications.

Areas of application:
Factory equipment, hydraulic systems, oil & gas, wind power, power generation, foodstuff technology, chemical industry, shipbuilding, water treatment, and process engineering.

Water Technologies

Mahle Water Filters

MAHLE is your specialist in the development, application, and manufacture of high-performance filter systems based on membrane technology.

Areas of application:
Purification of process water, swimming pool water, gray water, injection water and spring water. water desalination.